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August 24, 2009


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Lovely post! I thoroughly enjoyed it appa.


Brought back so many memories, including the encounter between Pug and the (real) pig and the time when Kamini continued her march down the road unaware that Pug had slipped his leash.
Very well written.


What a loving and moving tribute to Pug. Good old Pug. Lovely memories of the house in Carnatic Gardens and the happy times we spent there with all of you come back on reading this - thank you!


Beautiful. I now feel so much shame for having you restrain Pug when I visited.


Just too good! Although I disagree with a lot of what you have said. He was extremely handsome, for one, and far too unique to be brought up in the traditional manner which would have crushed his psyche! In fact, to paraphrase another member of the family, Pug looked like a dog, sounded like a dog, but was actually human!
It was such fun reviving all those memories. Remember the time he listened to Balamurali on the radio, and kept turning his head from side to side during the tani avartanam?
Maybe Johnny, Len, Pug and Lucky are all together in the Great Kennel in the Sky, exchanging notes on the crazy human family they all were a part of!

John saÿre Hazard

I dont know what 2 say...................... Im silenced even though doesnt sound the ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D Nice writing keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D


another very nice window to view your life experiences. thank you.

when i was 7 (1957) we got a mongrel puppy tommy. after about a year, mom had to go back to our grandparents for a few months, for delivering my sister.

so we gave tommy away. mummy was so heartbroken, that she vowed she would never again have a dog.

somehow she had instilled the same feeling in me. we never had dogs while my children grew up.

no doubt, they have vowed that the first thing they would do when they set up a household is to buy.. yes you guessed it - a dog.

i am quite sure all your four legged sons are in doggy heaven having a romp of an after life.

good stuff.

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Vasanta thought of a fully pedigreed family

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was open to the idea.


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