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August 29, 2009


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mike jones

love love love it! it brought back so many fond memories. and you unearthed some pictures i haven't seen in years! so glad you did this :)


Completely agree with Mike Jone's comment - such a treat to read about dear Lucky, and those photographs are priceless.


Also, I like the new look!


Rohan: 'ere's Yucky? 'ere's my puppy dog?
Aditi: He's Lucky, not Yucky and he's my puppy dog not yours.

On another occasion:
Aditi: Lucky, stop biting me, I'm your mom.
(Lucky ignores her and continues chewing her hand.)


I felt very sad reading this somehow.


I vaguely remember taking Lucky when he was a pup to the Vet on Greenways road who promised (in Tamil) that he'd grow like a bear - Kamini was not fazed in the least bit but I think Mummy - on hearing of it - was not amused!


No wonder vijay. mummy knew what was involved in the haircut or trim when kamini returned.

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