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July 19, 2016


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Ha ha Appa! The moron tirade continues, as strongly as ever! So many new morons on the horizon.

Will certainly share with you-know-who!


Ha! I wonder what inspired this? By the way, in psychology the hierarchy for mental retardation is Idiot, Imbecile and Moron in that order of stupidity.


EXCELLENT! Probably, the above mentioned friend is having some doubts, whether others are using the term about him. So he has stopped using it.


Brilliant! There's a certain couple in Thiruvanmyur who also also liberally use the word to describe other fellow occupants of the road. It has a wonderful ring to it, so satisfying, definite and compete!



On our roads we have moroffs and morons; including our cops.




Ha ha ha, I enjoyed that.

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