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December 07, 2007


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Every time I eat my sweetened strawberry-flavored yogurt, I will think of you and your friends struggling in the damp and cold of Manchester. And the business venture that wasn't!

Thanks kamini.One of these days you will get a write up-"The greatest chef" Appa


Fantastic read!
I know exactly what you must have gone through. To be deprived of one's comfort food when you are already in a, cold, alien land can only add to the misery of homesickness.
And it is really a pity that you did not market the flavoured thairu - imagine Strawberry Thairu (for that is what you would have called them, I am sure) lining the Woolworth shelves!

P. S.
Was this originally published elsewhere?

Yes but I do not remember where.I just had a xerox copy.


The love and longing for thairu sadam seems to have been passed on to son and grandson!

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