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April 19, 2008


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Just terrific! The photographs are stunning, and the write-up, absolutely charming. I'm amazed at your memory for details - after so many years.

I love it, so glad you did it!! Am also impressed by your memory!!


This is a very remarkable post. You have recorded in such detail a trip that you made more than 20 years ago. What a memory!

The photographs were taken in a day when digital would probably have only meant fingers or numbers. Fantastic - the lions and the elephants, the giraffes, and you alone with the M'sai tribe - all of them. And those at Nogorongoro.

I am only sorry that you had to undergo that terrible experience at the airport.


Raja, you have wonderful memory power to write about your 20 year old trek. The pictures do speak for themselves and add glamour to your article.


Very nice, appa! Just did a quick run through of all the pictures, and they are really breathtaking. Now I have to read slowly!

Tell mummy that all these days of hard labour in front of the computer have paid off!

Do you think you can split it up into several posts, one for each day or each part of the trip?


Oh WOW, this write-up and the photographs brought back such memories! I've been to all these places as a child and teenager, since we lived in Tanzania for 10 years. It's so thrilling to see photos of places that are so familiar from our own photos - just change the people in them and that would be it :) It was just lovely reading it all.

Raja Ramakrishnan

Thanks Shami for your appreciative comments
Raja Ramakrishnan

Thanks Shami for your appreciative comments
Raja Ramakrishnan


R.R; Your travelogue on your visit to Tanzania is like a painting of the country, in fact as good as the photographs.Your description of being drenched in The Volkswagon is hilarious. Wasn't Tanzania at one time a German Colony? Did you notice any signs of it? All said your posting created a feeling of what I would describe as immediacy. Sampath

Raja Ramakrishnan

Thanks BTS.Your comments much appreciated.
Did you read Goldilocks and the Bares part 1 and 2.All the picts are also there.

Kartik Natarajan

Raja Uncle,
That was a lovely description of your trip to Kenya and Tanzania. Wonderful photos as well. I remember Papa coming back from that trip with a T-shirt that said "I've climbed Mount Kilimanjaro... Have you?" You probably had one of your own.
I read your stories from time to time. They bring memories of home and everyone that I miss.
Much love, Kartik

Raja Ramakrishnan

Thanks Kartik.I am touched.My love to Lata,Abhimanyu and Samyukhta

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Ness Pesikaka

Very succinct and great photographs.


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