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November 15, 2008


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...Thanks for that really enjoyable read! The revulsion that snakes generate quite disappears while reading this, because of your lovely humourous sketches of all the family!


That was most enjoyable! Thanks for a good read.


Mr Ramakrishnan, even if I knew for certain that snakes entering a house are common, I would still be terrified to meet one! :) I would also probably move to a third floor apartment!


What an enjoyable read!
However, I'd like to dispute some highly questionable, and some downright incorrect statements. I object strenuously to your sentence "Vasanta, Kamini and Ambika go on shopping sprees every day.". Hah, and bah, I say.
Also your self-diagnosis of "feigned deafness" is highly suspect.
What a pity Ambika and I were not there to corroborate your account!

More writer's liberty than actual fact, but it had me chortling with incredulousness!!

You do have a gift of fictional writing and storytelling!

"A member of the naturalist society"

Raja Ramakrishnan

This story based is on facts.Only the persons present can appreciate.I hope Vasanta is not bought over!
Raja Ramakrishnan

Mike Jones

Wow, thath, what a piece! only you can pull it off; i smiled laughed and recoiled in the course of reading it... as usual, great accompanying images. keep it up. what is next? p.s. i had completely forgotten about micky!

Thanks Mike Jones.Wait for Madras by night in the middle of last Century.The first of a series on night life in cities.

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Mr. Raja Ramakrishnan,

it was indeed an enjoyable read......

i read it completely only for the style of your description..



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