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May 06, 2010


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Good fun! I was wondering when the chocolate episode would show up. We are truly a world class city!!

Ambika C

Here's the latest action from Madras by Night -
Mistaken for client, cop stumbles on sex racket
Pimp Held; Driver Of Car, Three Girls Escape

Chennai: A police sub-inspector in plainclothes, who was on the lookout for a crime suspect near Guindy, found a member of a prostitution racket in his net on Wednesday night.
Seeing a car parked by the roadside for a long time, SI Sivakumar of the Thirumangalam police station went to inquire with the driver, who opened the door and asked him to get in. There were three women in the car and the driver had mistaken the SI for a prospective customer. When the sub-inspector identified himself, the driver thought a conman was trying to blackmail him. The SI, however, managed to stop the vehicle in front of the Kotturpuram police station. While the driver and the girls escaped, a pimp who followed the vehicle was arrested. The police have taken the car and the two-wheeler into custody.
“Sivakumar was in plainclothes. He noticed a car parked for more than half-an-hour. When he approached the car, the driver lowered the window and asked him get in. The SI got in and saw three women inside,” a police officer said.
It turned out that the driver, Madan, mistook the SI for a customer and let him in. When Sivakumar identified himself as a sub-inspector, the driver didn’t believe him and threatened to beat him up if he was trying to play games. “Madan drove away with the sub-inspector and the girls, and informed his associate Sujeeth Kannan (26) about the “man who claims to be an SI.” Kannan asked him to drive towards Kotturpuram High Road, where he said their men would be present. Sensing danger, Sivakumar grabbed Madan by his neck. Madan stopped the car abruptly on the middle of the road. Before the SI could get out, he and the girls fled the scene. Sivakumar then informed the Kotturpuram police station. Meanwhile, Kannan, Madan’s associate, arrived at the place and Sivakumar nabbed him and handed him over to the Kotturpuram police.
The Kotturpuram police detained Kannan and recovered the Hyundai Santro and the two-wheeler. The case will be forwarded to the anti-vice squad for probe.


Ambika C

PS...I thought The Hindu may not have carried that, hence the update!


The Hindu would definitely have not published that - too juicy! In their depiction of Madras, nothing of this sorts happens!



Ness Pesikaka

Parts 1 to 3 are very interesting and humourous.
Brought back old memories of Madras of 1964. - that's when we first came here.
Bombay(Mumbai)where I hail from is the Urbis Prima of India but Perin and I love this place and have settled here since 1972.

Raja Ramakrishnan

Thanks.The BYOB boys do not know what thy missed.

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