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June 19, 2010


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Anyone asked the bride her opinion?


A very nice account of the lifestyle of a village with vibrant pictures.

@ Ambika - did anyone ask the bull's opinion?


The pictures are really excellent.


Very evocative and nicely done. Great pictures as well. Thanks for sharing!

Styles P

Loved this!! Beautiful narrative and pictures. Jallikattu sounds crazy! And I highly disapprove of that terrible custom with women!!


Agree Raji, that too.


Terrific - bravo, Appa!



I suspect the whisky tasted considerably better on account of all the dust you all had inhaled.


Nice photos, Mr R!

Re that weird custom you mentioned, I can only be thankful that it is no longer practised. Can't begin to imagine a more unpleasant experience for a new bride! And what about the feelings of the wife of the head of the family? No way she'd EVER like any of her daughters-in-law! :)

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sugavaasigala irrupeenga pola irukke!!! umm! pallu irukkavan pakkoda thingaraan.... enjoy...


wonderful information with photos happy to see it as if seeing in real thanks for the information

Raja Ramakrishnan


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