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November 21, 2010


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Those wine-fueled discussions will never fade from my memory! It always boiled down to Iyengars and cricket! Looks like you have ignited an online version of the discussion here.
Lovely series, Appa.


Well done! Over to Raghu for further elaboration on Iyengar management gurus.


Very nicely written with beautiful nuances - thanks for sharing Kamini


"If you want drink a top class G and T go to your Iyengar friend." For this and many ohter nuggets of info, thanks!


love it thath! only you would write this :) informative and humorous, and my favourite part was the one about the food and drinks!

Raji Muthukrishnan

Extremely entertaining , amusing and informative. I enjoyed it, and learnt quite a few things.


Another delightful piece, Thath!

Well, no Nobel Prizes perhaps, but apart from Ramanujam, there is also SRS Varadhan, who won the Abel Prize for mathematics in 2007. (OK, I agree that three Nobels still dominates ...)

I'm suprised you didn't mention tennis and the Krishnans, though that was balanced by omitting Srikkanth and Venkat, the only two cricket captains from TN.

Sekar: Iyengar management gurus?! Are there any?


my first visit here and i started reading part two of the vertical vs horizontal thread.

what a pleasant surprise. one thing for certain...you will definitely hear from me often from now on..till all your blogs are consumed and digested :)

சுவையான சீடை

Raja Ramakrishnan

Thanks rajamani


My son , when he was making decisons about his field of study, used to say that in TIFR the Iyer you go the Iyengar you become,

Raja Ramakrishnan

good one. thanks

Raji Srinivasan Bgl

Being an Iyengar, I can relate to everything that you say! Especially, the air of superiority! The other distinguishing element was the 'no onions, no garlic' practice of the verticals, something that they were proud of!


Thanks.Srivasan. Most Iyers also shuned onion and garlic till tecently.

d s raju

Iyengars are epicureans (Bhogis) and Iyers are stoics (Yogis) and that perhaps is due to the very nature of their respective Gods the reclining Anantasayana and the strident Nataraja.


Thank you raju.You have put it in a nutshell

V Raghavan

Very entertaining. I have a favour to ask of you Mr Ramakrishnan. Do you recollect an edition of the Illustrated Weekly of the 60s devoted to the Tamil Brahmins. I remember I was old enough to read it but thought nothing more of it . The Doyens of the community were all there in crisp B&W photos. Wouldn't mind laying my hands on that edition , hard copy or electronic one.


Thank you Mr.Raghavan for your comments.This article did start an argument among my friends. It was acrimonious but friendly unlike in old days. I do not remember the picts in the article you refer to. You can search the internet. I got some of the picts from there.

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