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September 11, 2011


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Interesting read and nice pictures.


Enjoyed reading this and tying it up with the talk we heard.


A lovely read, Appa. You have really captured the serene beauty of the Kailasanatha Temple. How I wish I could have seen it amidst the paddy fields! This brought back nice memories!


Even better with the new picture.

Agni Sharman

Wow... what a read...

I am so excited to see this blog..

Thank you so much for sharing the link


Such beautiful photos and write up! I was in the kailasanathar temple as a teenager way back in the seventies and made a lasting impression on me. Often i dream about how these temples might have been during the reign of the pallavas. Atleast they didnt get painted in gaudy blue and pink like the ranganathar temple in Srirangam. I cant bear to see these temples anymore. I have to wait for the paint to wear off..

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It is indeed a holy place. i can't wait it to see it myself.

ציוד לבריכות שחיה

Great and fantastic temples. I like it's design which is really unique in all over the world. The shape and hand work on the wall of temple is very awesome.

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The forehead was managed by the historical community if Indian. One could make it out by the business level symptoms, clean around and managed grass throughout the forehead.

Ramesh Ramakrishnan  (@reviveramesh)

nest time I visit I will make it a point to see this gem ! - looks like the Pallavas had a glorious time - the timeline is very interesting and I am going to go deeper into the Kamboja routine..there is so much Hindu and India in Siem Reap and the Asians are in denial!!

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