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August 14, 2016


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Very true Appa. The Chinese have tried top down and it has not really worked - they still pass more than a few things in public.

Some cultures even within India are cleaner than others. Punjabis are generally cleaner than Haryanvis and Malayalees are cleaner than Tamils:)-. Khasis are far cleaner than Assamese

Ness Pesikaka


From Barcelona to Chennai, there was not enough time at Brussels to go to the lounge so we had to use the loo at Brussels airport after a flight had just landed from New York with a planeload of mostly south Indians, who had made a mess of the toilets, including the ladies loos.

The same people will not dare to do this in Singapore.




Good one! The million rupee question is how do we go about inculcating this attitude? Personal cleanliness is a huge thing for us, but anything outside our own zone is fair game for littering and filth. We cannot blame the climate or poverty - we saw how spotlessly clean Cambodia - which was both hot and poor - was. As Ness very correctly pointed out, we wouldn't dare try any of this in Singapore. And you are absolutely right Appa - as long as we have someone to clean up our mess, we will continue to make it. After all, there are no consequences!


It's a caste thing....many years ago having a conversation with an American woman married to a Tamil gentleman...she had spent much of her time studying the culture, history and language of this region..I had much respect for her knowledge..during our conversation we talked about why our public spaces are so dirty, why it's acceptable to throw your garbage outside someone else's wall, why men could stop their cars on Besant Avenue and urinate against the T.S wall (not drivers but owners of the cars).....well her explanation was the upper classes make the mess, the lowers classes clean up.....that's their role in life..and our myths, our religion perpetuate this philosophy....caste is a curse on society but oh! boy does it suit people!!! Kasturba bahen had it right.

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